April 2008

cats and dogs and videos19 Apr 2008 07:27 am

Cute sleepy puppy:

Cute fluffy Korean puppy:

Corgi puppy:

Two kittens playing:

Small cute kitten:

Wolf puppies:

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I found this article interesting. It explains the physiological effect of multitasking and why it could lead to irrational decisions.

cats and videos16 Apr 2008 08:39 pm

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cats and videos06 Apr 2008 05:34 am

They have a litter of kittens at home… non-stop meowing!

cats and videos04 Apr 2008 05:11 am

cats and dogs and videos03 Apr 2008 12:55 pm

There is also this interesting article about polar bears interactivg with Huskies:

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Super Pii Pii Brothers – virtual male urination game for women

Mono to be renamed Duo

GMail custom time

Flying Penguins Discovered and Captured on Film