October 2009

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This blog entry talks about the fruit of the potato plant: http://tinyfarmblog.com/potato-fruit/

I had never seen the fruit of a potato plant.  Like tomatoes, it’s a nightshade.  It’s toxic, don’t eat it.

voip09 Oct 2009 05:06 pm

Enough of the silly $40/month phone bills. We stitched to a real SIP VOIP telephone service.

We’ll be paying about $10/month. I got an analog telephony adapter (ATA), which connects to our VOIP provider (no need for anything complicated like Asterisk for now.)  The ATA is the only new piece of equipment we needed (we already had a router – any router will do fine.)

It’s still too early to say whether or not this was a good idea.  The sound quality seems to be the same as always.

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