October 2008

programming26 Oct 2008 11:17 am

I wrote an application called List Keeper yesterday.  It is used to maintain lists such as grocery lists, to-do lists, etc.

The interface is very simple, and I hope it will work well on web-enabled cell phones.  I intend to use it for my grocery list (I remove items from the list as I pick them up from the grocery shelves.)  Hopefully other people will find it useful too.

It’s available here: http://list-keeper.appspot.com

It is deployed on the Google App Engine.  You can log in using your Google account.  This means you don’t need to create yet another account on yet another website.  Moreover, it is secure since your password is not sent to me, it is only sent to Google.

Future plans for this application:

  • usability testing (determine if it’s better than pen & paper)
  • ability to move items up and down the list
  • keep history of recently removed items (and undo capabilities)
  • google gadget for iGoogle page
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This was at Edwards Gardens in Toronto.

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I found this worm indoors. It was hard to bring it outside because it would always start writhing in fake agony at the slightest touch. So I made a movie of all the melodrama before bringing my new friend outside.

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Globe and Mail article

I thought other people would be interested too.

En français ici.