September 2009

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cats and videos09 Sep 2009 06:32 am

It’s time for more cat videos…

Here’s a cat with a distinct approach to drinking:

Two kittens talking:

birds and videos08 Sep 2009 09:02 am

We saw this Red Breasted Nuthatch at the Sibbald Point Provincial Park in Ontario.

This bird makes funny sounds and can descend head downwards on tree trunks. You can find out more about this bird here

voip03 Sep 2009 07:54 am

I’m considering switching our residential phone service to VOIP.  We’re currently paying close to $40/month; which includes a network access fee that was cleverly concealed from us until the first bill.  I’ve estimated that our bill would come down to about $10/month.

Our existing service is provided by our cable provider, and although it is VOIP, it has arbitrary restrictions and costs that makes it more similar to a typical analog landline.

Benefits would be:

  • lower cost
  • unlimited call blocking (no limit on the number of blocked numbers)
  • multiple phone numbers, in different area codes
  • can be used away from home, using VOIP software on a computer or a cell phone (Fring seems to do this.) This would translate in a 95% drop in long-distance rates on my cell phone

In theory, all you need is:

  1. a router on which you can install OpenWRT and Asterisk
  2. a SIP VOIP service subscription
  3. an IP telephone or an analog telephone adapter

… and ideally some sort of battery back-up.