August 2009

programming07 Aug 2009 08:23 am

Here’s the latest in the anti-IE6 campaign:

I just finished a project for a company where IE6 is the standard browser.  I did most of my development on Firefox because it has good developer tools: Firebug and HttpFox.  Once it worked with Firefox, I tested with IE, changed the parts that were incompatible with IE, re-tested with Firefox, and repeat until it works for both.  Support for Opera and Chromium came for free after that 🙂

The QA team used IE6, so, officially, only ie 6 is supported because other browsers were not tested.  An application that was released in August 2009 officially supports IE6 to the exclusion of all other browsers!  It will be interesting if they ask external users to downgrade back down to IE6.

cats and videos06 Aug 2009 03:53 am

Still the best blog ever:, it’s the best source for pictures and videos of Maru, like this one: