September 2008

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“Bankruptcy punishes those who took excessive risks while preserving those aspects of a businesses that remain profitable.”

“… a bailout transfers enormous wealth from taxpayers to those who knowingly engaged in risky subprime lending.”

cnn article

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It’s so weird and interesting

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Savannah kittens


Cat attack (you need volume on)

cats15 Sep 2008 12:13 pm

Maine coon cat opening a door:

Another cat opening a door:

politics15 Sep 2008 11:32 am

The Conservatives promised to introduce maternity leaves for self-employed people.  Self-employed Canadians would need to opt-in at least 6 months in advance and pay a premium.

Currently, there are contractors who seek a full-time job for the sole purpose of receiving the benefit of a maternity leave.  It’s disruptive for these contractors and for the company that hired someone just to see them leave 6-7 months later.

I think it’s a good idea.  Not so sure about the specifics, but it’ll be fine-tuned or explained better soon, hopefully.  I’m surprised that this idea came from the Conservatives – how does that fit in their putative evil right-wing hidden agenda?  How am I supposed to write them off if they pull stunts like that?

Toronto Star article.

politics07 Sep 2008 07:09 am

We’ll have an election on October 14.

What happened to the fixed-term election law?  Why pass laws that can just be ignored?  Were the Conservatives just pandering to stupid voters?  Are we really this stupid?

My understanding is that the fixed-term law was mostly a lie, the governor-general has the power to dissolve the parliament and will do so whenever asked by the PM.  With the current law, the PM can call a convenient snap election at any time, but the maximum life of a Parliament is now four years.  “Steve” passed a law that changed the maximum life of a Parliament from 5 to 4 years.  Pffff.

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Time for more YouTube kittens!

I like how calm their mom remains

An ocelot and a bobcat