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Finally, we have an answer:

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I’m… surprised.

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“He says Canadians should not be smug about the relative strength of the economy because the housing market has moved ahead of fundamentals, prodded on by stimulative government measures.”–canadian-housing-market-correction-in-the-cards-says-economist

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If you decide to buy one, make sure you select the right one 🙂

My understanding is that Rogers, Telus and Bell use the same frequencies, so if you pick the “AT&T and Rogers” version, wouldn’t it be fine for Telus and Bell too?  [ edit: apparently, the answer is no:–google-s-nexus-one-phone-now-available-in-canada?bn=1 ]

And wouldn’t the T-Mobile version work for Wind Mobile? [I’d really make sure before buying!]

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14 Greater Toronto Area pedestrians dead, most were crossing legally.

The solution: send out the police to give tickets to pedestrians.

Problem solved.

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Why are you reading my blog, read this blog instead:

But since you are here, enjoy a few Maru videos:

In the last video, Maru jumps, but not quite as high as that cat:

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