money22 Dec 2008 10:48 am

Lots of bailouts happening all over the world:

We’re giving huge sums of money to unhealthy companies.  In effect, taxpayers and profitable companies are being penalized.

I have a novel idea: let’s stop giving money to losers, and these savings can be reinvested elsewhere, perhaps in lower taxes for profitable companies and taxpayers.  That way, Canada would be more attractive to profitable self-reliant companies, less attractive to needy losers.

Specifically, if Toyota, Hyundai and Honda didn’t see their taxes go to unprofitable competitors, wouldn’t they be more likely to invest in Canada?  The same goes for companies in other sectors, but it’s there’s added irony when your taxes and your employees’ taxes subsidize a direct competitor.

Stop watering your weeds.  I bet nobody thought of that ever…  where’s my economics Nobel prize?

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