programming18 Jan 2008 11:03 am

This site gets very little traffic, but if you actually search for “hamster in a wheel running in circles” this site will be in the search results.  It means that this site has a very small and mostly accidental audience (probably pet hamster owners, I apologize to them, sigh…)

Blogging hasn’t been as inspiring as I hoped.  I usually have no idea what to write, so I end up posting links to cute YouTube videos.

My previous article (on XML Beans) provides information that I know people are looking for; I’d say it’s my first “real article.”  The last 3 lines of code took a long time to figure out and I’m sure it could be of help to other people.  At this point, though, unless someone proofreads the article, I’m reluctant to actually post links to that article.

Writing’s hard, I need practice.  My main goal at this point is to learn to be concise and to-the-point.  Following this philosophy, I just deleted two-thirds of this article.  Maybe I’ll revise it again tomorrow and cut it down further!

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